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Article: Cleansing Controversy: Patting vs Massaging? Debunking the TikTok Trend

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Cleansing Controversy: Patting vs Massaging? Debunking the TikTok Trend

The world of skincare is full of ever-evolving trends, and the latest one involves washing your face with a cleanser – by patting it on! But is this a dermatologist-approved technique, or just a fad? Let's dive into a Reddit discussion to uncover the best method for washing your face with a cleanser, according to science and skincare experts


The Patting Method: Hype or Helpful?

The discussion opens with the  OP  describing a TikTok video advocating for a patting technique.  This method involves mixing cleanser with water in your hands and then patting it onto your face, supposedly as recommended by a dermatologist.


Friction vs. Patting: The Science of Cleansing

However, a nurse with a healthy dose of scepticism debunks this method. They argue that cleansers rely on friction to remove dirt, oil, debris, and dead skin cells. Patting simply won't be as effective as a gentle massaging motion.


Reddit Rejects the Pat, Embraces the Massage

Several users chime in,  agreeing with the importance of massaging.  One emphasises that cleansers need massaging to activate their cleansing ingredients (surfactants).  Another Redditor finds lathering the cleanser with water helpful but considers patting pointless.


Logic Reigns Supreme: Cleansing is Like Wiping, Not Patting

One analogy is particularly clear:  "If you clean dirt from a countertop, do you remove it by patting cleanser on it, or do you wipe it away?"  Cleansing your face follows the same principle—you need to remove dirt, not pat it in.


The Verdict: Stick to the Massage, Skip the Pat

While the patting method might seem gentle, the overwhelming consensus on Reddit leans towards the traditional massaging technique.  This method is more effective at removing impurities and ensures a proper cleanse.


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