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Anua Heartleaf 77 Clear Toner Pad

Sale price$19.50

160 ml / 5.41 fl. oz.

Soothing, Anti-inflammatory

Unveil smoother, clearer skin in just two weeks with ANUA's Heartleaf 77% Clear Pad. Designed to target pore congestion and blemishes, these pads are infused with potent ingredients to deliver visible results. Winner of the prestigious 2023 GlowPick Beauty Award and Olive Young's Bestseller accolade, these clear pads are a must-have addition to your skincare arsenal.

Anua Heartleaf 77 Clear Toner Pad
Anua Heartleaf 77 Clear Toner Pad Sale price$19.50

Why We Love This PRoduct

We love Anua's Heartleaf Toner Pads because they tackle enlarged pores and blackheads in just two weeks! The PHA formula gently exfoliates to minimise pores and keep your skin smooth.  These pads also regulate sebum production to prevent future breakouts.  Pair them with other Anua Heartleaf products for the best results for a powerful skincare routine.

About Anua

Anua is a Korean skincare brand focusing on natural ingredients and a balanced lifestyle for healthy skin. They prioritise gentle, vegan formulas that are suitable for sensitive skin types. Their hero ingredient is Heartleaf Extract, known for its soothing properties. Anua is committed to clean beauty and sustainability, using organic ingredients and eco-friendly packaging. They offer a range of effective skincare solutions for various concerns, including toners, ampoules, and sunscreens.