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" Pure & Effective Skincare Inspired by Nature "

Abib's combination of natural ingredients, clean formulations, targeted solutions, unique fermentation process, and commitment to eco-friendly practices makes them a standout choice.

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Save $8.00Abib Heartleaf Essence Calming PumpAbib Heartleaf Essence Calming Pump
Abib Heartleaf Essence Calming Pump Sale price$19.00 Regular price$27.00
Abib Mild Acidic pH Sheet Mask Aqua FitAbib Mild Acidic pH Sheet Mask Aqua Fit
Abib Acne Foam Cleanser Heartleaf FoamAbib Acne Foam Cleanser Heartleaf Foam
Abib Heartleaf Spot Pad Calming TouchAbib Heartleaf Spot Pad Calming Touch

What we love

About Abib

  • Natural, plant-based ingredients: Abib prioritises using natural ingredients derived from plants and botanicals
  • Clean and transparent formulations: They avoid harmful chemicals and artificial additives, providing clear labelling of ingredients
  • Focus on specific skin concerns: Abib offers targeted solutions for various skin issues, like dryness, acne, and signs of ageing

Hero Ingredient

Heartleaf Extract

Houttuynia Cordata (Heartleaf extract) is a key ingredient in many Abib products. It's known for its soothing and anti-inflammatory properties, making it suitable for sensitive skin.