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Abib Mild Acidic pH Sheet Mask Aqua Fit

Sale price$28.00

30ml / 1.01 fl.oz. (x10ea)

Intense Moisturising

Experience a pH Perfect Match with Abib's Mild Acidic pH Sheet Mask! ✨

  • Science-Backed Balance: This mask is formulated with a mild, acidic pH level (around 5.5) that mimics healthy skin. This gentle formula minimizes irritation while effectively cleansing and balancing your skin
  • Deep Hydration Power: Each mask is packed with a full 30ml of essence, delivering a surge of hydration that leaves your skin feeling plump and dewy
Abib Mild Acidic pH Sheet Mask Aqua Fit
Abib Mild Acidic pH Sheet Mask Aqua Fit Sale price$28.00

Why We Love This PRoduct

We love Abib's Mild Acidic pH Sheet Masks because they're gentle on our skin (thanks to the pH balance) and super hydrating (30ml of essence per mask!). The special sheet material helps the essence absorb deeply, leaving our skin feeling plump, dewy, and comfortable all day long. Plus, there's a mask for every need, from soothing to brightening! ✨

About Abib

Abib is a Korean skincare brand known for its natural, gentle approach to sensitive skin. It uses ethically sourced botanical ingredients and thorough testing to create effective, clean formulas. Abib's unique fermentation process enhances ingredient potency, and its commitment to sustainability is evident in its minimalist, recyclable packaging. Offering targeted solutions for various concerns, Abib is a great choice for those seeking natural, effective skincare.